01 How long have you been operating for?

​Steve Boyd Motors has been fully licensed (motor dealers licence MD 8712) and operating now, in the popular town of Bowral, for over 39 years and has established one of the largest customer bases in the Southern Highlands. Before that it was originally opened in the picturesque  north east coast of Northern Ireland from which all the family members here also originate. 


02 What do you mainly sell?

Why buy new and lose lots of money when you can buy near new and save thousands. We specialize in near new (usually from 1 to 5 years old) personally selected quality ex government vehicles and corporate cars. We also sometimes have other cars available for purchase which have been traded in by us.



03 How come your cars are such good value?

We're different to your stereotypical car dealership. It basically comes down to this - we run a small and efficient business which doesn't have large overheads and we don't have to pay people to work for us because this is a family business.  As Steve Boyd Motors has been going strong since 1983 we don't need to spend huge sums of money on advertising, most business is through word of mouth. We also do our own internet advertising, in house. All this equals low overheads which gives us the advantage of being able to sell cars at a discounted rate to those sold by large cumbersome dealerships so you get far more bang for your buck.



04 How can I pay for a vehicle ?  

You can pay with bank cheque, cash, direct debit, or via internet banking.

05 Can I pay with a credit card or by eftpos ?  

No sorry we don't accept credit card payments as the high fees charged by the financial institution, for purchases in our price bracket,  would have to be added to the price of the car which would result in you paying a few hundred dollars more.

06 Do you offer finance? 

Yes we do but we don't. No we don't offer it ourselves, as you need a credit licence for that, instead we just provide you access to the professionals at Ezilend. Whether personal or business you can easily apply now and get pre-approval. Just phone them directly on 1300 013 051 and tell them which of our cars you're interested in or go to their website by clicking the following link -  ezilend.com.au. Also don't forget, after you apply, to tell us too so we know not to sell the car while you're applying for finance. You can also of course just contact your bank or another finance company. It's your choice.

07 Why don't you expand the business and get lots more space to stock lots more cars? 

Because then we would have the problems mentioned in the question above and then our cars would be the same price as everyone else. No thanks we are very happy with our present setup and so are our customers who save money by buying their cars through us.


08 When do you get new stock in? 

Every week. New arrivals can arrive any day of the week so keep keep checking our listings on this website.


09 When are you open?  

Monday to Friday:  8:15am - 5.45pm
Saturday: 8:30am - 3.00pm 
Sunday: 9:30am - 1.30pm


10 Do you deliver cars if I live far away?  

Fortunately for you (and us) we have access to a personal delivery service to basically anywhere in Australia. We don't make anything out of this service, you pay them directly. Alternatively you can organise for a car transporter to pick it up.

11 Can I let you know what I'm looking for so you can let me know if it comes in?  

Of course. Just go to our car wanted page and complete the short form so we can contact you if one arrives.


12 Do you take trade-ins? 

Yes, but it depends on what it is and the condition (also please don't try a shifty and give us a car with problems and not tell us it has problems. We don't do that to you so please have the courtesy to not do it to us).


13 Do Ex Government cars still come with their manufacturers new car warranty? 

Yes they do as long as they are still in the given time frame and kilometres allowed.


14 When do you have sales? 

363 days a year (closed Christmas and New Years days). Everyday our cars are at sale prices. The only other thing we might have now and then is a quick Online Flash Sale on a selected couple of vehicles for a very limited time.

15 How many used car salesmen work there?

None! This is a small family business, you decide if you want to buy a car or not without being hassled. If you want some help from us then all you have to do is ask.


16 How far do people come to buy a car? 

I think the furthest would be Perth and then Darwin. We also of course have people come from Sydney, Canberra, west, and from the South Coast.


17 Steve has a funny accent, where is he from? 

We are all from the picturesque and peaceful north east country in Northern Ireland, near the Giants Causeway. Steve moved the family to Australia in 1980.


18 What is our email address? 

You can use the contact form here.